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  • Product name: Type XLBG chain mud scraper,not of metal
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Type XLBG chain mud scraper,not of metal

Non-metallic chain scraper for the water plant or sewage treatment plant sedimentation tank, grit chamber, grease traps and other rectangular pool, used to scratch or scraping sand, skim oil, scum.
1) scraper block number, scraper capacity; scraper moving speed is slow, small disturbance of sewage, is conducive to sediment precipitation.
2) Scraper in his continuous linear motion, do not have to return to, so do not need the trip switch. The drive is located on the platform top, and the distribution and maintenance are easy.
3) do not need additional institutions can also serve as skimming machine.
4) system without heavy structural parts and support, the system energy consumption is low.
working principle
Non-metallic chain scraper by the reducer transmission chain and scraper in the pool for the rotation cycle operation, the bottom of the pool mud scraping into the pit. The sludge is discharged from the pond by a sludge trap or a non-clogging sewage pump installed on the side of the sedimentation tank. The upper part of the oil slick or scum is discharged from the pool through the oil collection tank installed at the outlet end. Supernatant flows through the bottom of the slag pipe into the lower processing step.