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  • Product name: XDSG Type Dynamic Track Type Grille Decontamination Machine
  • Product number: 1.1.5
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XDSG Type Dynamic Track Type Grille Decontamination Machine

XDSG-type track grille decontamination machine is generally used for deep, the width of not more than 2m channels, are coarse grille, the gap between the larger bars, generally can be 20 ~ 100mm.
XDSG-type grinder is the introduction of foreign advanced technology, developed by our company's three cable grille alternative products, it uses a single wire rope and hydraulic putter device to control the radial movement of the track with the drive motor driven rope reel to telescopic wire rope , So that the decontamination rake bucket along the track lift, complete the rake - fall rake - rake - rake - rake - unloading process, to avoid the three cable grille due to the different amount of wire rope caused by the chaos rope and rake arm caused by axial movement Of the rake bucket bar collision phenomenon, the device can be fully automatic operation, the failure rate is reduced, decontamination discharge capacity better.
Its characteristics:
Applicable to a wide range of up to 2m, the maximum depth of up to 10m;
The amount of slag, a slag up to 300kg or more, or even fishing sediment sedimentation, scraper with slag, the effect is good;
Easy to damage, easy to maintain;
With multiple overload protection, safe and reliable operation;
working principle
The decontamination rake bucket is in the open position and descends along the track to the bottom of the canal. Under the action of the hydraulic putter, the rake is intercepted and the intercepted slag, debris and the like are removed into the rake and the lifting action is raised so that the rake Bucket up to the slag mouth with the slag discharge device will discharge the gate, the racket bucket up and open, to complete an action cycle. The control signal waiting for the next cycle of the command is running continuously.